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We are custom deck builders located in Bloomington IL, and we’re excited to work with you. To take the first step toward a custom deck for your home, click the link below. To learn more about us, continue reading!

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Whether you’re looking for deck ideas on a budget or a step-by-step how-to guide to build your deck, Superior Construction & Renovation is the one-stop shop for all things deck related. We’ve served the Bloomington area for a number of years, and we strive to build trust as we build decks. We want our clients to know that you’re our priority - after all, you’re the reason we do what we do.

If you’re a person of simple tastes or if you want something extravagant for your deck, we’ll put together a deck plan that suits you. We intend our custom deck designs to fit budgets of all shapes and sizes, which means those looking for custom deck builders need look no further.

Wood / Vinyl Deck Builders

If you’ve finished with your interior home remodeling and now you’ve decided to give the outside of your home some attention, what better place to start than with a custom deck? While we’re on the subject, what better company to call than Superior Construction & Renovation when you need wood or vinyl deck builders in Bloomington, IL?

Our policy is to meet you where you’re at in your home renovations. If you’re still in the brainstorming stage, we’re happy to help you generate deck ideas that won’t break your budget, and we’re also happy to go over some different deck plans to help you get an idea of what you want. In case you’re not sure what deck material will best suit your home, we’ve put together a guide below to help you narrow down your options.

What deck building material is best for you?

Wood: Old reliable. The tried and true option. Wood has been used in all sorts of building for hundreds of years. With decks, you generally run into two options: pressure-treated wood, or fancier softwoods like cedar and redwood.

Pressure-treated wood is still, despite all the changes and developments in the building world, the number one decking material sold and used today. Approximately 75 percent of all new decks are built with pressure-treated lumber. Why? It’s affordable, easily available, and easy to work with.

The downside, of course, is that it has a tendency to crack, split, or warp. It requires routine maintenance to prolong its life and look (get the pressure washer ready!).

Some prefer a more elegant softwood for their deck, usually cedar or redwood, which are prized for their rich color and natural beauty and because they contain tannins and oils that offer a natural resistance to rot, decay and insects.

The downside of softwoods, however, is that its cost is usually at least three times more than pressure-treated lumber (unless you’re lucky enough to live in California or another state where it is more readily available). Once you’ve decided on a type of wood, it’s time to decide on a deck builder - of course, we hope you’ll pick Superior Construction & Renovation.

Vinyl: Should you choose to go with vinyl as your deck material, you’ll choose the fastest-growing decking materials sold today.


Composite deck materials have a number of benefits, perhaps the top one being their extremely weather- and stain-resistant nature, meaning your deck won't splinter, warp, rot or split. They're also the poster child of low-maintenance: they’ll never need to be sanded, refinished or stained.

As for pricing, vinyl and composite materials vary, but generally they’re pretty competitive. While some decry the artificial nature of vinyl decks, others say the higher entry price is worth the reduced maintenance involvement.

If you still have questions, we encourage you to contact us directly. We’re never too busy for you. When thinking of custom deck builders in Bloomington IL, think of Superior Construction & Renovation.

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