Pergola Construction in Bloomington IL

Pergola Construction in Bloomington IL

The purpose of this page is to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pergolas.

First, though, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to contact us if you’ve come to this page already having an idea of what pergola you want for your home.

Yes, I want a superior pergola!

What’s the best kind of pergola for me?

Of course, there are different types of pergolas for different environments and situations. The majority of pergolas are constructed with wood, but metal and vinyl are the exceptions.

Wood pergolas have their benefits, in that they generally cost less than their counterparts without sacrificing too much in the way of durability. They’re tried and true, and they’re by far the most available. It’s easy to work with and fix if there are any minor mistakes.

Wood does have its cons, however, as with anything. Pressure-treated wood can be weighty, and its span distance is limited. Wood is also more susceptible to the elements than the other materials and will require slightly greater upkeep.

Vinyl pergolas, while somewhat rare, have their benefits. They are light, their span distance is greater than that of wood, and they usually come in pre-made kits that are easy to assemble. However, they are less common and much more expensive than their wood counterparts.

One of the most outstanding perks aluminum offers is its weight, or lack thereof. It’s light and resistant to rust. It is better suited for installation in areas where weight must be kept to a minimum. Wood is best suited to ground-based installation or installation on its own dedicated footers. While more durable than wood and vinyl, it does carry a heftier price tag than either of them.

Lastly, steel is the strongest and most physically durable of the bunch. It won’t rot or decay, and it, of course, requires less maintenance than timber. It will generally last longer than wood and vinyl, but it is as heavy, if not heavier, than wood, and carries a steeper price.

DIY pergola kits

Of course, in talking about any sort of construction and home improvement, there will be some who prefer to do work on their own, and we salute those people. For those interested in DIY pergola kits or diy pergola construction, we encourage you to contact us regarding a pre-made pergola kit. You will be able to trim some off the cost of a pergola installation, though the time you’ll spend doing so may end up evening it out anyway.

For those seeking pergola construction in Bloomington IL, our expert team can walk you through the various processes of pergola installation, including pergolas with a retractable canopy and pergolas on your deck.

Cost of pergolas

The cost of pergolas will vary depending on what material you choose, and we encourage you to contact us for a more specific pergola cost estimate.

Pergola history

The style and materials may have changed, but pergolas have had the same purpose for over 3000 years. Pergolas as we know them were born in the 17th century’s Great Italian Renaissance, which gave them new life.

Now, there are pre-made pergola kits, several different construction materials, and all sorts of other options for pergola construction. For all of your pergola needs, we encourage you to call or click today to find out more!

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