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Home Remodelers In Bloomington, IL

Let’s skip the part where we ask you rhetorically if you’re considering remodeling your home. You wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t, right?

In any case, remodeling in Bloomington is a breeze when you have a trusted and experienced contractor to help you. Superior Construction & Renovation has served the area for many years and is honored to be a considered a top home remodeler in Bloomington, IL. When you choose us to assist you in refreshing your home, you will never go wrong.

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Ideas for Home Remodeling (H3)

Maybe you’ve come to this page with hopes that we’ll spark your creative side with home remodeling ideas. It just so happens that we have an idea or two up our sleeve, and we decided to share them with you with hopes that you’ll build on them and come back with something awesome.

Out of the ordinary home remodeling ideas:

  • Utilize dead space. Whether that’s space underneath or above stairs, in your kitchen island, or on your deck, put your mind to work on using every inch. You’re paying for it, ya know.
  • Increase efficiency, not size. If you can make pre-existing space perform better without expanding it, doesn’t that seem the most prudent option?
  • Make use of your attic - paint some clouds on the wall and imagine yourself in the sky. Or, better yet, add a big window and experience the real deal.
  • Double your staircase as a bookshelf. Show your visitors just how literate you are. Or, use it for storage.
  • Ever heard of baseboard drawers?!

Things To Know before Remodeling Your Home (H3)

  • Code. Each city and municipality will have different requirements that your project will need to satisfy. While your home remodeling contractor will be up to date on these requirements, it wouldn’t hurt for you to brush up on them either.
  • Budget. How much can you spend on the project? How much do you want to spend? Have you looked into ways to save on your home remodeling project?
  • Contract. Is it finalized when you sign? Does it include a timeline and list of needed materials? Do they offer a warranty of any sort?
  • Timetable. Before you get started, you should at least have some sort of ballpark estimate for the time required to finish your project.
  • Portfolio (before and after). Take a look at the prospective contractor’s portfolio, contact their past clients, and do your homework. Do the before and after pictures of their home remodel look like what you want for your own home?


Home Remodeling In Bloomington IL 

Before we start a home remodel in Bloomington IL, we always reflect on how to make the job go as efficiently as possible. We also consider eco-friendly remodels, as well as home remodels that pay for themselves. We believe that as much as a home remodel helps bring new life to your home, it should also boost the value of your home.

The smartest home remodel is one that pays for itself. That’s why we encourage customers to brainstorm several different home renovation ideas, including kitchen remodels and basement remodels. You may also find a cost estimator to get a baseline idea of what your home remodel may cost. For the most accurate estimate, contact us directly. We also know a few ways to save money on your home remodeling project.

Superior Drywall Finishing Inc. has earned a reputation as a trusted business for home remodeling in Bloomington. We understand that the success of your project is in our hands, which is why we take each job very seriously.

Our years of experience have allowed us to grow in the field of home remodeling. We do our job quick and seamless so that your remodeling in Bloomington will be complete on time, every time.

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