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Basement Finishing in Bloomington, IL

So, you finally finished cleaning out the junk from your basement and now you’re completely at a loss with what to do with all that newfound space (“Honey did you know we had all this space down here??”). Well, a finished basement may be just the ticket.

Get a Superior Finished Basement

Superior Construction & Renovation offers basement finishing in Bloomington, IL. Not only will it make for a more enjoyable experience in the man-cave, but also a basement remodel can be a good investment for your home. It will increase the value of your home and provide extra space for your family to enjoy.

Before you get started, there are a few things to consider in regards to basement finishing in Bloomington. Each basement is different, in that they may have different levels of moisture and humidity. You also need to consider the dimensions and measurements of your basement. The considerations for walling and ceiling for a basement are very different compared with the other upper rooms of the house. As such, we recommend you consult professionals for basement finishing in Bloomington to professionals.

Ideas for Basement Finishing 

Maybe you’ve come to this page with hopes that we’ll stir up your imagination with basement remodeling ideas. Well, it’s your lucky day. Whether you’re looking to finish your basement on a budget or how to finish a basement yourself (hey, we’re fans of DIY basement finishing), we’ve got you covered.

Basement remodeling ideas:

  • Add a bedroom. Make it cozy, not confining. Reuse and recycle whenever possible (if you can make the bookshelf double as a headboard, you’re on the right track). Add wall fixtures for visual warmth, add rugs for physical warmth (no one likes a cold floor in the morning).
  • Add a bath. Light-reflecting fixtures are a good idea. You’ll also want to ensure that you don’t have any leaks or excess moisture.
  • Entertainment room. You want enough lighting to make the room feel cozy, but you also want to set it up in such a way that you don’t have any glare on the TV. You’ll also want to consider a mini fridge for snacks and beverages.
  • Game room. Basements don’t always give you a ton to work with, but a creative mind can figure out a way to fit a ping pong table just about anywhere.

Things To Do And Know Before Finishing Your Basement (H3)

  • Be sure your basement is sealed. You can test this by taping squares of plastic to the floors and walls and waiting a couple of weeks. If you see condensation forming underneath, odds are that your foundation is not sealed. If droplets form on top, odds are that your basement needs dehumidifying.
  • Inspect damage in floor joists, rim and header joists, the sill plate, and wood-framed windows. Check floor joists for sagging. Check fuel-burning equipment and your house's ventilation system
  • Do you have sufficient headroom? Many codes call for 7 to 7½ feet of clearance. You’ll also need a means of emergency egress. Further, you’ll also need sufficient clearance around mechanical items, both for maintenance and to satisfy code requirements.
  • Do you want to soundproof the ceiling?
  • It's best to have both a battery backup for your main pump, in case of a power outage, and a second pump, in case the first one gives out. On that note, how good is your outside drainage?
  • Bonus: You should invest in a rechargeable portable light as well as a wet/dry hand vacuum. Pro tip: Recessed lighting in a basement is a good option, as it won't take up valuable overhead space that a light fixture would.


Hopefully, having read this, you feel a bit more confident in thinking about refinishing your basement. We realize this list of basement design ideas is only the beginning, but you have to start somewhere! If you have more questions about how to finish a basement yourself or the cost of finishing a basement, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help in whatever capacity we can.

Expert Basement Finishing in Bloomington 

Superior Drywall Finishing Inc. is continually honored and humbled to provide basement finishing in Bloomington. In addition to being a good investment and providing an enjoyable new space for you and your family, basement finishing will also remove those those imperfections that have been bothering you for years. You’ll be amazed at the new look, and you’ll probably tell your family and neighbors all about it (maybe more than once).

Superior Drywall Finishing Inc. prides itself on our proper use of correct materials for your basement finishing in Bloomington, IL. Our years of experience and the long list of satisfied customers who’ve enjoyed their renovated basements speak for themselves. Let Superior Drywall Finishing Inc. get started on your basement today.

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